Cambridge College aims to build future leaders by providing them with all the tools necessary to triumph.
It is our greatest desire that we keep on working to give our students an even better academic offer, including other languages such as French and German.

This is why Cambridge College, L´Alliance Francaise and GOETHE Institut signed an academic commitment where it stated both institutions would be imparting classes at our school Campus.

On 20th of May, we had the great honour of receiving the French Ambassador Monsieur Denis Gaillard, together with the L´Alliance Francaise President and Director to give Cambridge College to hand is the Red Label Diploma of Academic Excellence.

Cambridge College now officially teaches French and German with the certifications given by the French and German Ministry of Education.
With the addition of two or three more languages, we will have the satisfaction of saying that our future leaders will graduate as polyglots.

- María Reneé Canedo (Cambridge College Principal)