Our Mission

Our Mission is to offer our students the best British and Bolivian education in a multilingual and multicultural environment, giving them all the opportunities so that they can generate an attractive curriculum for the universities of the world.

Our Vision

Our Vision is for our students to become and be complete people, aware of their responsibilities to the world around them and confident in their ability to succeed.


Our Values

The Knight's role is not only expected to be followed by our youth, it is also expected to be followed by the adults in charge who need to embrace what a knight is and be a role model for the rest of the society.

What does it mean to be a Knight?

Throughout history, knights have been expected to be upstanding members of society. Knights follow the age-old code for doing unto others as you would have them do unto you. 

To follow the code of a true Cambridge College Knight you must be:

Kind To All

Noble and Respectful

Idealists who Fight for a Better World

Generous of Spirit

Helpful to those in Need

Trustworthy in Word and in Deed