Educational Approach

The Student: Fundamental Concern

CAMBRIDGE COLLEGE has been created with the objective of forming leaders for the future, of shaping children and adolescents who, in the future, are capable of succeeding in the environment in which they find themselves. Based on this, it has implemented, in addition to the current means and methods of schooling, others that will serve the students to develop their potential.

School - Parents


Special mention deserves, within the personalized follow-up of the development of the student, the one of the constant communication, viaInternet, between the parents of family and our establishment. We believe it is of fundamental importance that the links between CAMBRIDGE COLLEGE and the parents and guardians must be fluid, in order to be able to execute an effective control of the development of the school activities of each one of our students. Modern technology gives us the elements to do it, and it's time to do it.

Teachers - Students


For the same reasons stated above, communication, via the internet, between teachers and each of their students must, can and is constant. Any of our students will have the possibility of making contact with the teacher to whom they require, to make inquiries; In the same way, teachers can communicate with their students to complement their daily classes.

Open House


At the delivery of notes for each quarter, the school organizes a meeting of parents and teachers of all courses, in order to provide detailed information on the performance of each student. In each Open House, parents and teachers carefully analyze the school performance of the deficiencies detected and to encourage the student, with the purpose of being, within the teaching / learning process, achieve an optimal use.

Orientation to Study Abroad


The college offers the University Preparation course where we receive several Universities of the World, where they expose the requirements and opportunities they have so that students can have options to study abroad.

Cambridge College Offers All Levels of Study:



At Preschool of Cambridge College, we develop the skills and strengths of our little ones by giving them the opportunity to be one step ahead in education.

Our children take the curriculum of the United Kingdom so all their subjects are given in English.
We have three courses, Early Years (Nidito), Foundation (Pre-Kinder) and Year 1 (Kinder).

Each classroom is equipped to receive 36 students, in each we have 3 teachers who assist them and accompany them in the learning process.
The subjects that are taught in preschool are mathematics, English phonetics, English, fine motor skills, art, music, computing, gross motor skills, morals, social sciences, and natural sciences.

In Preschool we work creating a fun and positive atmosphere encouraging the independence of children, strengthening values ​​and principles for a comprehensive education that is essential to start the school stage and preparing them to achieve in the upper grades the requirements of Cambridge International.


We empower children's skills from an early age respecting the learning process, without underestimating the intelligence of children to achieve success inculcating, in addition, the love for culture, and creating awareness for our environment.



The students of Primary, in the first years are in an emotional and academic stage different from the students of superior primary. They are learning the basic concepts of language and mathematics, which are the foundations of the other subjects.

The division of the primary school into two levels allows for greater attention to the specific needs of each group. Each coordinator can specialize in their area and ensure that the emotional, social, moral and academic development of the students is carried out.

Cambridge College Primary School, offers an English based education, which covers both the British and Bolivian curriculum. In Primary we cover a variety of subjects, Math, Science, Social Studies and Computer studies to name a few, the foremost being English, that is taught as a second language. All of these subjects are taught as a continuation, leading to major exams in Middle and High School.

All classes that are taught, focus on discipline and values, this is known as the Knights Program, in which children are rewarded throughout the year, leading up to a final certificate. They also start participating in the community service program activities reinforcing what children are taught at home.

Students are also encouraged to learn about the Bolivian culture though a yearly presentation of Departments known as the Plurinational Fair, this is an learning event that the children really excel in. We also work with the Bolivian Education Authorities to comply with the social productive project, which promotes a healthy lifestyle, and the Plurinational games which promotes sportsmanship and social cohesion.

Our English as a second language program prepares students for their first major exam in English the KET, Key English Test this is available to year 6 students. This basic-level qualification is a great test to take if you're new to learning English. The exam tests all four English language skills - reading, writing, listening and speaking, is proof of their ability to use English to communicate in simple situations.


Middle school

Cambridge College Middle School`s British-Bolivian curriculum prepares students for future success based on high-quality teaching English as a second language, principles, and values, developing life skills to become socially exceptional beings in our community.  

Cambridge College Middle School offers subjects such as Business and advanced ICT, which introduces young learners to skills for their further studies and the working world.  Giving students a taste of Business opens awareness to how our economy is established and how much hard work is involved.

 Our institution also seeks to motivate the arts by preparing two internationally renowned plays a year; cast including Middle School students.  Students are not only involved in the acting, but also in its production and organization; participating in fundraising for props, costumes, and location. 

Our Middle School English teachers prepare students for their second international English exam (PET).  This exam certifies that our students have acquired the basic English language skills in reading, writing and listening for everyday use. 

Middle School complies with the PSP (Socio-Productive Project) and the Plurinational games (in sports) which are projects required by the Bolivian Educational System to promote healthy eating habits and national unity, despite social classes and regional differences. Our students continue with the Community Service Program and become more involved in the planning process of the activities. 

High standards in discipline and values are a priority for Middle School students in Cambridge College to shape non-discriminating, cooperative and respectful human beings.


Secondary = High School

As our students advance in grade, the agenda becomes more demanding and students begin to focus more on the subjects of their choice. Each branch offers a wide range of subjects that are focused on their future university options and will open the doors to a promising future.


There are distinct departments focused on each area of learning, such as: