Cambridge College is the only school in Bolivia that offers the international certification of the "The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award".

The program offers opportunities for young people to develop their skills, be physically active, provide a service to their community and experience adventures, therefore, the program plays a very critical role for the development of each one outside the classroom.

It also allows student achievements to always be recognized  worldwide, giving young people a unique international accreditation for their experiences.

For more information you can send an email to

El programa tiene 3 niveles: Bronce, Plata y Oro. 

Pueden iniciar desde sus 14 años y tienen hasta los 25 años de edad para terminar los 3 niveles. 

Una vez se hayan registrado en el Departamento de Proyectos, podrán ingresar al portal donde pueden empezar a llenar sus actividades a medida que van avanzando.

Model United Nations

Cambridge College has created an internal United Nations Model in which students can practice in order to participate in the United Nations Model that is carried out in Latin America.


Our United Nations Model gives them the opportunity to develop skills to engage in debates, in addition to learning protocol and being aware of what is happening in the rest of the world.