Cambridge College aims to build future leaders at a global perspective.

In order for our students to be well prepared to apply to universities, the school has implemented the subject of University Preparation for our students on Year 13.

Due to the worldwide pandemic situation that we live in, we have organized to receive Universities worldwide to give virtual presentations to our students, this way students get to meet with university recruiters and representatives which give them first-hand information.

Until this day we have had the honour of receiving representatives from every corner of the world...(See Here)

For any student that is to apply to a University that belongs to the Commonwealth (United Kingdoms and former British colonies) students need to have approved 3 to 4 "A Levels".

The grades obtained in these international examinations will determine the list of Universities that the students can apply to.

The more prestigious the university, the higher the grade needed in the "A Levels".

These "A Levels" must also be the correct ones in relation to the degree chosen by the students.

Due to the increasing tendency of students studying abroad, especially to the United Kingdom, Cambridge College has gone above and beyond to offer better opportunities to our students.

In 2019 we graduated our first group of students who took the CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English) and this Year 2020 we now offer the

"A Levels".

To be able to take the "A Levels" there is a prerequisite is to have passed the IGCSE equivalent to the "A Levels" that you will be taking in the future. Even if you do not take you’re "A Levels" at Cambridge College and opt for the Foundation Year, students must have approved with good grades their IGCSE´s to be able to qualify for the Foundation Year.

En el 2021 recibimos la aprobación como Centro Autorizado para el UCAS -